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Building Maintenance and Repairs


Whether it is a high density residential block or commercial tower, general wear and tear, exposure to the QLD elements or defective construction can all affect both the look and structure of you building.


MDD provides full project management and procedure, liaising with engineers, strata managers and body corporates to investigate and discover all issues that can and cannot be seen. MDD will offer a range of solutions to rectify and keep your building in optimal condition.

What is Concrete Spalling and How does it Affect my Building

More commonly known as concrete cancer, spalling is when the reinforcing steel in a slab is exposed to the elements and begins to rust and expand. As the steel expands, it displaces the surrounding concrete, causing it to crack. With more cracks in the concrete, more steel is exposed and accelerates the deterioration. Common signs include:

  • Cracking concrete

  • Rust stains on the concrete surface

  • Bubbling of concrete render

  • Leaks in overhead concrete slabs

Concrete spalling is potentially dangerous to a building for several reasons. External spalling, not only looks awful, but can cause shifting and even dislodgement of fixed items such as balustrading, which in turn is a major safety hazard. Spalling can also cause concrete to displace, and in extreme circumstances, fall from the building and worse case striking someone below.

The causes of concrete cancer can be attributed primarily to practises that are in place to seal the concrete structure of the building. These include:

  • Poor workmanship and manufacturing of poured substrate that has allowed moisture to penetrate through cracks and voids.

  • Poor preparation of the reinforcing steel when poured. This includes placing steel reinforcement too close to the surface of the substrate.

  • Stress fractures caused from improper engineering or misuse of concrete slabs.

The Importance of Slab Repairs

Slab repairs, most notably balcony repairs, are a common occurrence in many buildings as this is the first point of water ingress into the building. Keeping you balconies and rooftop slabs in top condition is a high priority as the cost of rectifying and repairing slabs pails in comparison to the cost of finding, fixing and maintaining water ingress.

Balcony repairs can also represent a high liability risk due to unsafe conditions due to failing substrates or balustrades. Leaving a balcony untreated can lead to several issues including water penetration into the building, balustrade failure due to rust and concrete spalling.

MDD takes the utmost care to ensure that all balcony work is carried out under safe conditions with minor disturbance to any and all tenants that are affected by the area.

Planter Box Replacement

Although plants on balconies add a lovely contrast to the concrete jungle, they are often overlooked and have substandard waterproofing systems in place. This, along with plants natural ability to root into anything and everything, possess a major risk of water ingress and can cause serious issues with the slab and units and decks below.

Being that planter boxes can seem a daunting task, MDD is fully equipped to rectify any issues involved. Using a carefully crafted procedure, we can ensure that the planter boxes, along with the plants involved, have minimal risk of damage and further leakage.

Contracting Services

  • Painting

  • Tiling

  • Electrical

  • Plumbing

  • Plastering

  • Rendering

  • Carpentry

Building Upgrades


If your building needs a fresh face, a new paint job might not suffice in bringing your building into the modern era. Along with the painting, other upgrades will be needed to ensure that your building remains a current icon.


The upgrades can range from purely aesthetic such as painting, balustrade and re-rendering all the way through to major upgrades such as a façade installation and window replacement. Replacing old balustrade in leu of frameless glass gives way for a modern look for the building, as well as replacing old and weathered windows with current high standard weather rated windows. Whether it is repointing of brickwork, repainting of the entire building or a simple façade clean and repair, MDD is ready to evaluate and give you the desired result and solution within your budget.

Structural Repairs


It is inevitable that your building will succumb to time and develop structural issues. These can include concrete slabs sagging, movement of foundations and columns and concrete spalling. As with any problem, the sooner these issues are addressed and rectified, the less damage and less cost will be incurred.


One common issue with buildings is concrete spalling, or more commonly known as concrete cancer. This issue is most often caused by water ingress into the slab which reacts with the steel reinforcement. The common technique is to expose and treat the steel, which is then reset in concrete and sealed using modern waterproofing techniques.

Signs of Structural Defects

Luckily for most buildings, many signs that there is a structural issue can be seen visibly well before a major incident occurs. A few examples are:

  • Water ingress when it rains.

  • Rust stains coming through painting or balustrade.

  • Cracking and drummy render.

Whilst these may seem like aesthetic problems, they are actually a warning sign that larger issues are at hand. Tackling these issues early can save a lot of time and money given that there is no widespread issues.

Reasons for Structural Issues

Poor workmanship and Age of the building are major factors in why most buildings suffer structural defects. A number of issues that can contribute to structural defects include:

  • Use of incompatible or inappropriate materials and methods. Often times materials and methods are installed that are either under-engineered for the job or aren’t manufactured for the application (eg. Waterproofing isn’t to an outdoor standard).

  • Wear and tear which unfortunately is part of the life of the building. Regular maintenance can extend the life of the products, but all buildings will succumb to age at some point.

  • New installations such as air conditioners and furniture on rooftops are often fixed through waterproofing membranes and are not sealed properly afterwards.




After extensive exploratory investigation of substrates, flashings and various other elements involved with the slab, we will determine what methods and measures are required for a suitable waterproofing system and to ensure they do not occur again.


MDD offers a range of waterproofing services including:

  • Liquid Waterproofing

  • Tanking Membranes

  • “Negative Waterproofing” (Injection)

  • Chemical Solutions

  • Polyurethane sealants


MDD has worked closely with Brisbane Waterproofing Services for the past 10 years and continues a strong relations based on high quality work and trust in services provided.

Waterproofing: Potential Causes of Leaks and Impacts of Failed Membranes

Leaks can start off being a small area of dampness in the walls or floors but can end up in catastrophic failure if left untreated. Identifying these issues early can be the difference between a small repair and large rectification. While there are many causes of failed waterproofing, a few common causes include:

  • Membranes installed on flat roofs that have either been damaged (due to foot traffic or furniture) or have started to deteriorate due to old age.

  • Incorrect installation of flashing on rooftops that have allowed water ingress during heavy rain.

  • Drains on roofs and rooftops being inadequately waterproofed or not at all. This could also include blocked drains and insufficient drains over the area.

  • Window flashing and sealants failing causing water ingress into the cavity and surrounding slabs.

  • Concrete spalling, which allows water to travel through the cracks in the slab and into the internal of the building.

All of these will be detrimental to the overall condition of the building. Along with the obvious signs of water damage (damp plasterboard and carpets), there are structural issues that are presented with travelling water which include:

  • Cavity dampness causing mould.

  • Leaks into the slab which causes exposed metals to rust and thus causing concrete spalling and expansion of slabs/brickwork. Left unchecked this could accelerate at a rapid rate causing extensive structural damage.

  • Often water does not leak into the area that has the initial point of ingress. Too many times water ingress is misdiagnosed and the primary factor affecting the ingress is overlooked; where the water appears is not always where the water enters.



Window Replacement


Windows are often called the eyes of the building, and that is why windows should always be an integral part of your buildings aesthetic charm.

MDD has been involved with window replacement services for the past 8 years and has an extensive knowledge of all types, shapes and sizes of window replacement. Working closely with G James Glass and Aluminium, we only offer the best in quality windows, doors and glass.


Balustrade Replacement


Balsutrading on buildings fulfil two neccessry roles; to enhance the look of your façade but to also provide a safe outdoors area for your building. Damaged and dated balustrade and can make your building look undesirable due to rust markings and corrosion, or simply make it look old due to outdated construction techniques.

Bringing your building into the modern can be as simply as changing the balustrade using new techniques such as frameless glass, powder coated aluminium or laser cut panelling to bring a new edge. All these products can enhance the looks of you building whilst keeping up to date the current safety standards.




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