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What is the MD Designs Difference?

MD Designs provides contract staff that are permanent employees of MD Designs. They are not hired and fired based on the current workload of our clients. This means that you are provided with high quality workmanship at a fraction of the cost of having to train and maintain staff of that calibre. We offer flexibility to adapt to your needs in a timely and responsive manner.You see, at MD Designs we see our employees as more than just "contract" labour. They are valuable members of a team that work on a number of different projects. If they aren't working on an installation or maintenance project they are manufacturing items for customers. This ensures a highly skilled and productive work force. It is this skill and experience that provides the innovative solutions that our customers enjoy.This approach offers the following benefits:


  • more satisfied staff,

  • more highly skilled staff,

  • a team approach to projects,

  • results orientated work performance,

  • a customer focused work force, and

  • a flexible service that can respond quickly to customer demands.

       and this of course means...happy customers!



Quality Assurance

MD Designs is Quality Assured to second party certification. This ensures that the customer has the confidence in the manufacture, construction and design services provided.Quality Assurance has been taken very seriously at MDD. We believe that it provides a measure of predictability and reliability that adds value to the service provided. Quality Assurance is simply good business practice. It covers essential things that need to be controlled to ensure that customers are satisifed.The Quality Assurance systems at MDD are about having in place agreed procedures for controlling processes, all of which impact on customer satisfaction.


Mel Di Pietro -Managing Director

Mel Di Pietro founded MDD many years ago in a cave on what was then,Innovative Door Designs. Armed with only a few stone tools and keen sense of inventiveness, Mel produced a service business to offer a turn key process, where the customers have confidence in Mel's team being able to control and deliver all aspects of construction

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